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The Ministry of Labour has just published the new health protocol for companies.

The key points :

Mandatory wearing of masks « in shared and enclosed spaces » as of Tuesday 1st September 2020.

Partial derogation possible for green zones (adaptations possible if the company premises have « functional and maintained ventilation », but also « protective screens between workstations », and « provision of visors for employees ».

COVID-19 referent: for smaller companies, the Manager can be the referent. Implementation of, « a procedure for the rapid management of cases of symptomatic people ».

Increased measures for red and orange zones.

Temporary possibility not to wear the mask at certain times: employees working alone in an individual office will not be obliged to wear a mask, as will those working in workshops. For workers outside, the mask will only be necessary « in case of grouping, or inability to respect the distance of one metre ».

Professional vehicles: masks become compulsory if there are several employees in the vehicle. A procedure for disinfecting the vehicle must be carried out regularly.

Teleworking: « A recommended practice », and a « preferred solution » for companies.

Taking the temperature: this is « not recommended » but the company can still organise it. However, the employee has the right to refuse.

You will find on the link below, all the questions and answers posted on-line and regularly updated by the Ministry of Labour on partial activity – partial unemployment…HERE

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